KAM411W – The Joy Factory Elevate II Floor Stand Kiosk for Surface Pro 8 (White)

KAM411W – The Joy Factory Elevate II Floor Stand Kiosk for Surface Pro 8 (White)



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White floor stand kiosk with secure enclosure featuring security cable lock compatibility

This turn key kiosk solution is designed for Surface Pro 8. This floor stand kiosk solution is an ideal solution that provides guests with contactless engagement for a magnitude of use-cases. This kiosk is suitable for public spaces such as retail shops, reception areas, and even manufacturing facilities. Features include: cable management to allow tablet charging without cables handing from the device; key lock port which secures the device in public spaces; weighed base to ensure the kiosk won’t slide or tilt; camera access for application enablement; fully enclosed blocking all access points to ports and buttons; and VESA 50 | 75 | 100 compatibility.

Tablet security is a top priority when displaying a tablet in public spaces; this kiosk has a lock slot that is compatible with our LockDown cable locks, which can be tethered to an immovable object. Optional accessories to pair with this kiosk include a tilt and rotate module which ensures ADA compliance. This kiosk solution is also available in black.

  • Designed for Surface Pro 8
  • Kiosk’s body is designed for cable management
  • Slim and minimalistic profile to display tablet with front camera accessibility
  • Enclosure has built-in key lock feature to securely display tablet
  • Built-in slot compatible with Kensington cable locks to tether the entire kiosk
  • Compatible with VESA 50mm, 75mm, and 100mm
  • Optional accessories include acrylic graphic panel and a tilt/rotate module

  • tablet pc stand – Built to fit your needs and keep your equipment safe and organized
  • Cable Management – Helps keep cables concealed and organized

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