EPSON Enhanced Adhesive Synthetic 24in x 100'

SKU: IJP-ES041617
Manufacturer part number: S041617
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Manufacturer: Epson
Adhesive Synthetic Paper is an ideal choice for signage that requires adhesive backing. An affordable, polypropylene-base media, it's thin, light, and very flexible with a durable, wet-strength base. It delivers accurate colors and vivid results on its high-quality matte surface. An instant-drying paper, it's excellent for indoor banners and outdoor signage. When laminated, it's perfect for outdoor signage applications as well. Best of all, its adhesive backing makes it possible to remove and reposition signage for easy mounting. * Re-positionable adhesive for easy mounting * Block-out backing to eliminate show-through * Non-glare surface for easy viewing * 720 dpi printing for high-quality output * Dries instantly for easy handling with Epson inks * Water resistant coating for increased durability.