B3P06A – HP 727 (B3P06A) Original Printhead

B3P06A – HP 727 (B3P06A) Original Printhead




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Printhead cartridge helps to deliver crisp, clear results in your Hewlett-Packard Designjet T920 36″ , T920 36″ PostScript, T920 36″ PostScript SED, T1500 3″ , T1500 36″ PostScript, T1500 36″ PostScript SED, T2500 36″ , T2500 36″ PostScript, T2500 36″ PostScript SED, T3500 36″ , and T3500 36″. With Original HP printheads, you get a unique combination of quality and versatility. Produce consistently crisp, clear, accurate lines and vivid color – even true neutral grays – for wide variety of projects. Impress with high-quality color presentations. HP printheads provide low-maintenance, high-productivity printing so you can print with ease and deliver with confidence.

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